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Magento Experts

Performance, Mobile Responsiveness, Development, API Integration, Reporting, Data Integration, Hosting Evaluations

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Research Development

AI R&D, Rapid Software Prototyping, Facial Recognition, 

Data Mining and Reporting

Finding needles in Data Haystacks, Extract, Manipulate and Summarize Data

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Investor Research

Find Upcoming Technology, VC Firm Research, Find/Evaluate Marketplace Game-changers, Technology Validation/Verification Services

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No Matter What You Do , Silva Tech Solutions is Perfect For You



 Below are just a few of the numerous IT services we provide at Silva Tech. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any specific questions or needs.

Website Development

Mobile versions, eCommerce solutions and an agile web team are requirements for most modern companies trying to do business in a 

WordPress Development

If you have an old, static website and are constantly paying a web developer to make even the simplest change to your website, 

Magento Services

Magento General Consulting The Magento experts at Silva Tech Solutions have experience with a significant amount 

Research and Development

We understand that your IT department has more important things to do than 

Software Engineering

We have over 11 years of experience in developing high performance, highly scalable systems on reasonable budgets. 


System Automation Engineering.  Simplifying or automated menial tasks to cut costs and improve efficiency.


Here are three simple reasons you need to pick us.

1. What We Do:

 We are experts in solving complicated IT problems.We build scalable websites, recommend ideal hosting solutions.

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2. Why Us:

 We are not like other IT shops. We take pride in engineering our solutions properly the first time. 

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3. About Us:

We are adamant  technologists. While others are envisioning landing on the moon, we are already living there

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Our Clients

Here are a few of our Current Customers

Meet Our Team

Our Hardworking Team

Jeremy T. Silva
Owner and Chief Technologist

During his fifteen professional years, Mr. Silva has had experience in nearly every facet of the Information Technology industry. Ranging from advanced data mining / data visualization systems to running multi-state small business IT infrastructures, Mr. Silva has always provided precise and cost-effective strategies to meet any client’s needs. With his tremendous work ethic and “Can-Do” attitude, Mr. Silva has always met every challenge head-on and with intelligent determination. Mr. Silva is also a certified NAUI Advanced/Nitrox Diver, hoping to get a few more wrecks under his belt in the Atlantic.

Stacy L. Silva
Director of Operations

Ms. Silva has over ten years of experience working in project management, training, quality and technical assistant roles.

Ms. Silva coordinated technical work assignments on various EPA contracts, which included task and staff planning and oversight, as well as budget management. She also served as the lead in many of the work assignment tasks conducting research, developing, and submitting all deliverables to the client such as technical assistance and quality assurance reviews. Serving as an expert in the relationships between various aspects of particular EPA data, Ms. Silva helped develop and facilitate multiple workshops for EPA, state, local government, and industry stakeholders and the resultant Web-based data tracking system. After being involved in revisions and updates to the Web-based data tracking system, she developed, prepared, and conducted training to EPA staff and other contractor staff for the use of this Web-based data tracking system. Ms. Silva also serves on the Board of Directors for her homeowners association, is an active member of her local MOMS Club, and volunteers at a local environmental conservancy, which promotes environmental education to preschool through grade school-aged children.

Milford N. Pinkney III
Senior Software Consultant

Milford has over 30 years experience in writing software in various industries and technologies. From process control to custom ETL systems and web development using languages such as Java, php, and C/C++ and databases such as MySQL and Derby.

Milford brings a gift of tenacity and a willing spirit to learn and master any technology, process or problem that may come. But, the most important thing Milford has learned over the years to put the client first.

Doug Tracy
Fulltime Creative Consultant

Doug has been an international award winning creative advertising consultant for agencies and clients for 10 years. His passion for creative advertising started at the prestigious Miami Ad School where he has also become a lecturer of concepting and copywriting. He has worked all over Europe as well as the US while his work has ranged from complete global campaigns to finely tuned locally targeted ads.

As an advertiser he commits not so slight acts of mind control, invents memorable characters, creates cultures, and writes stories that will be ingrained in societies all while winning awards, staying within budget and exceeding projected sales. He is also an experienced photographer, movie buff, self appointed BBQ grill master, and fisherman.

Silva Tech Solutions is a registered Small Business US Government Contractor.






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