WordPress Development

If you have an old, static website and are constantly paying a web developer to make even the simplest change to your website, its time to stop.

We specialize in WordPress site conversion and blog creation from existing websites.

Why should you migrate?

  • Making changes to your website using WordPress is extremely easy to do. You are in control of the site and can make all the simple text changes you want.
  • We can quickly convert a static site into a full content managed system. Since it’s WordPress, it’s extremely easy to add a new Blog section to your site as well.
  • WordPress sites can easily be made to look like any website. If you like your existing website, it can easily be migrated into a WordPress site.
  • Multiple levels of user logins let your employees post on the corporate blog, while you maintain control over the main site. All of the posting and blogging is auditable, so you can see who posted what and when!

How WordPress Can Boost your Site’s Value

  • WordPress outputs text in the most concise fashion that search engines can easily process and index.
  • Any new page or blog updates instantly lets most search engines know that your site is ready to be crawled again – sort of like a dinner bell!
  • The core code of WordPress is very secure, and it enjoys a VERY large worldwide community of developers.  Applying security updates to your site is as easy as clicking a simple “Update” button without fear of crippling the rest of your site.
  • WordPress has a universe of very high quality plug-ins and modules that can instantly add features to your site without a ton of time or money.  Need a way to share your blog posts instantly with Twitter/Linked In?  There’s a plug-in for that.  Need a way to post comment forms into a database for future review?  There’s a plug-in for that.  Even if you want to build new features, plug-ins can often save developers significant time in completing your end project.
  • Responsive designs that automatically adjust from desktop to mobile designs, without having to design a brand new site.

Still Not Convinced?

Don’t hesitate to contact us to ask us more about our conversion and migration process.