Magento Services

Magento General Consulting

The Magento experts at Silva Tech Solutions have experience with a significant amount of Magento implementations (good and bad).
We have a tremendous amount of experience transitioning clients to better performing platforms, better hosting options (stability) or even starting new builds from scratch.

We also have a tremendous amount of experience in dealing with Magento Enterprise, having grow businesses with custom-built architectures that will scale to that growth. We can help you determine if Magento Enterprise is really for you, or if you could get by with the Community Edition.

Magento Data Services:

Being experts in the Magento Architectures, we have a ton of custom data feeds and custom reports to support customer businesses.
Some of our projects include:

  • Automated Constant Contact customer uploads nightly
  • Quickbooks Enterprise integration
  • Google Product Feeds
  • custom 3rd integration with patient medical systems

Setup a Blog

A very important part about driving customers to your store is through SEO. Having an blog setup is incredibly important because it encourages website search engines to visit your site more often and ranking your site higher in searches. By not having a blog you are losing easily gained and maintained traffic.

We are experts WordPress blog and can have a blog setup on your ecommerce site that integrates seamlessly with your existing theme.

Magento Optimization Services:

One of our specialties is optimizing existing Magento Installations. After reviewing your system, we can make recommendations based on what tools or system could best help you achieve optimum performance.

Some of the other services we provide:

  • Taking over from other providers and fixing stores left unfinished;
  • Troubleshooting system performance issues and bugs;
  • Evaluating existing installations and providing recommendations for both plug-ins and server hardware to help prepare for future growth;
  • Upgrading installations;
  • Export/Import data feeds troubleshooting;
  • Search improvements and third party search integration;
  • Blog installation;
  • Payment Gateway Integration; and
  • Developing and supporting full Magento cart systems.
  • Responsive Web design or themes

Check out our Magento Blog Posts for some of the other problems we have solved.

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