Conquering Magento GooglePagespeed Scores – Part 1

As anyone in the ecommerce industry knows, your search-engine organic traffic is incredibly important. Organic traffic from Google is tied not only to your content, but also to the performance of your website. Performance based factors affect how a user will perceive your website on both the desktop and more […]

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Magento2 Issue with Binding

While working on a new Magento 2 site, we were trying to customized a menu item to display the current number of items in a user shopping cart, dynamically. For some reason the code was working properly and then suddenly stopped when we added a new patch. The error we […]

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SUPEE-8788 Missing Upload Button Fix

UPDATE: 10/19/16. It also breaks your attribute editing in some instances: app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/media/uploader.phtml To fix the product image upload button not loaded in Magento CE, I had to add ‘ character in maxUploadFileSizeInBytes value. Change var maxUploadFileSizeInBytes = ; To var maxUploadFileSizeInBytes = ”; After having applied the latest […]

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Harleysville Football Club 2016 Sponsership

We were again a proud sponsor of the Harleysville Football Club. Last weekend under near hell-like heat conditions, our team, the Columbus Crew, battled through all of the clubs toughest teams and took third place in their final tournament. Great tournament and an end to a fantastic season. Till next […]

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