Magento Invoice Auto Printer

We recently had a fun project. We needed a quick and efficient method of printing off massive amounts of invoices automatically after long weekends.
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Magento Verify Age System – Batch Process

Due to increased BRAM Mastercard Requirements, a Magento customer recently came to us with a request to build a system that verifies the age of a customer after they have purchased a product falling within a specific category of products.
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Magento Stress Testing Checkout – Auto Add Products To Cart

Every once in a while, we run into an issue where the checkout process either stalls or redirects back to the main checkout screen, when adding a significant amount of products to the cart. There are a whole host of issues that can cause this, but the most tedious process of debugging it, is adding all of the products to the cart in the first place. We’ve written a small script to automatically add products to your cart by simply visiting the script on the website.
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SUPEE-8788 Missing Upload Button Fix

UPDATE: 10/19/16. It also breaks your attribute editing in some instances:

To fix the product image upload button not loaded in Magento CE, I had to add ' character in maxUploadFileSizeInBytes value.
var maxUploadFileSizeInBytes = < ?php echo $this->getDataMaxSizeInBytes() ?>;
var maxUploadFileSizeInBytes = '< ?php echo $this->getDataMaxSizeInBytes() ?>';

After having applied the latest SUPEE-8788 patch to an Magento EE system, we noticed right away that the “upload” button was missing on the products WYSIWYG view.
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Harleysville Football Club 2016 Sponsership

We were again a proud sponsor of the Harleysville Football Club. Last weekend under near hell-like heat conditions, our team, the Columbus Crew, battled through all of the clubs toughest teams and took third place in their final tournament. Great tournament and an end to a fantastic season. Till next year!

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Customer Love

When our web development company has a difficult project that requires really technical expertise, we pick up the phone and call Jeremy Silva. He is a master programmer and knows the intricate ins and outs of servers and networks. He is able to estimate and accurately code all manner of outrageous programming requests and makes very creative suggestions which ultimately save our customers time and money. He is the first person I go to when I have a tricky programming problem, and he always gets the job done in a creative way, under budget and on time. I'd recommend Jeremy to anyone!

- Susan McCrossin - CEO Boomtown Internet Group