Magento Tealium Consulting

Silva Tech Solutions LLC is proud to announce the availability of our Tealium Data layer consulting services. Tealium is the industry leader in data layer integration and management. Tealium does provide a vanilla Magento plugin that covers roughly 10% of the Magento data layer. It is up to the Magento […]

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New Ubuntu Server Install/ FengOffice PHP 7 How-To

We had an older version of FengOffice that needed to be ported to a new Ubuntu server having PHP7. So with the older copy, we followed the update instructions and upgraded to version without any issues. We then proceeded to migrate to the new server that had a fresh […]

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Quick Tip – Setting Amasty Order Attribute Values

Quick Tip we are keeping for later use. We love Amasty’s Custom Order Attributes Plugin but we couldn’t find a clean method on how to setup the order attributes for later warehouse and/or data processing after the order had been generated. Listed below is a snippet of code that is […]

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Conquering Magento GooglePagespeed Scores – Part 2

Having tackled all of the performance issues you can without making major code changes (See Previous Article), its now time to get “into the weeds” a bit with Magento and resolve some of the other issues that PageSpeed is reporting.

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Conquering Magento GooglePagespeed Scores – Part 1

As anyone in the ecommerce industry knows, your search-engine organic traffic is incredibly important. Organic traffic from Google is tied not only to your content, but also to the performance of your website. Performance based factors affect how a user will perceive your website on both the desktop and more […]

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