Office Technology

We provide a whole host of office technology consulting solutions including; New Office Evaluations, Phone Systems (VOIP etc), Printer Equipment Evaluation, Wireless Networks Security / Installation, Computer Equipment Purchase, and Office Modernization. Click for More Info

Concierge IT Services

We provide a suite of onsite Concierge IT Services including: New Office Setup, Disaster Recovery, Computer / Server Troubleshooting, Cloud Backup Strategies, Onsite Security Review, Web-hosting Evaluations, and Office Network Evaluations. Click for More Info

Software Development

Some of the software development services we provide include: Website Development, Magento Ecommerce Solutions, R&D Prototyping, Geo-Visualization Tools, System Architecture, and Commercial Software Analysis. Click for More Info

Data Mining & Reports

We specialize in finding the needles in any of your data haystacks. We can extract, manipulate, summarize data from nearly any electronic format and put it back into nearly any format of your choosing. We can then deliver the report via email, text or fax. Click for More Info