VC/PE/Investor Technology Due Dilegence Consulting

Most due diligence firms focus on the capital aspects of the potential acquisition or competitive assessment. We focus solely on the technology.

With experience in all facets of technology and “ear to the ground” contact throughout the industry, we are able to provide a more robust, pure technical analysis of a particular company.

We can help flush out such questions as:

  • Is the product or service built properly?
  • Can the company as a whole scale?
  • What technological risks are involved (fatal dependencies on outside parties, etc)?
  • Is there any Market for the product?
  • Are there any potential costs that could rise unexpectedly?
  • What are the potential liability costs?
  • Does the product have a future?

We do not have a single rigid checklist for each consultation, but instead work for our clients to understand their objectives for the investigation.

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