Software Engineering

We have over 11 years of experience in developing high performance, highly scalable systems on reasonable budgets. Because of our wide scope of IT knowledge of everything from hardware to software development, we are able to better custom-tailor a solution exactly to your needs.

Software Services

We offer complex application development solutions for any type of budget. We work closely with the customer to deliver exactly the solutions needed, on time, and budget, including:

  • High performance, scalable, systems;
  • Service (web, port, custom) development in any language (C#, Java, Perl, etc);
  • Massive Data Processing Systems;
  • Web-service development (service or consumers);
  • Android mobile application development;
  • Middle-ware development (Jboss/Glassfish);
  • Messaging queue processing (Apache ActiveMQ);
  • HA Clusters using DRDB; and
  • Company Start-up software development/architecture on a tight budget.

Enterprise Data Integration and Visualizations Solutions

Taking pre-existing data sources (access, excel, webpages, databases), we can translate them into a single standard format and integrate them into existing storage solutions.
Harleysville Database Develop

This could be as simple as automating the mirroring of an existing database to another location, or as complicated as migration to a completely different database architecture. For example, past data integration and visualization solutions include:

  • Integration of live FAA aircraft data into an existing infrastructure;
  • Integration of weather reports or data from a field location into a database and delivery of reports on a daily basis;
  • Integration of aircraft telemetry data in near-realtime into a mapping solution display(Google Earth);
  • Migration of existing architecture into the VMWare Enterprise architecture; and
  • Analyzation of near-realtime Twitter data for mood patterns and development of a near-realtime web visualization tool.


We are experts in Geo-coding system designs and engineering. We can figure out where nearly every one of your website visitors is geo-graphically located or even at what corporate location.Harleysville Geo-Coding Develop

Some of our past projects have included

  • For an ecommerce client, we built a system that determines where a web user is entering their site from. Based on the web client’s location we were able to provide better pricing in REAL-TIME to the end user. This real-time pricing model has saved the client a tremendous amount of lost revenue and increased sales in their brick and mortar store.
  • Custom Website log analyzer for a small business. We wrote a framework that would regularly pull the client’s weblogs, determine all of their web visitor’s geographic locations and provide an web-based report to their lead sales department. The business intelligence tools help the sales team track leads, determine potential leads for projects they were bidding, and help find new customers that had visited their website that had not contacted the client. The project had made the sales team tremendously more productive and land leads for customers that had not even contacted the company.
  • Zipcode distance calculation module for a startup freight company. The client needed a module for their freight auction to rapidly calculate and cache distances between a client and an ongoing freight auction. We built a framework using a specially tuned database, to help calculate and cache distances in real-time. The framework was extremely light-weight and was able to run on the client’s small web hosting package saving them additional hosting cost and time.


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