Onsite Evaluations

Do you have any idea of how secure your IT department really is?

From employees to specific computer policies, we can provide a baseline security profile and help you work to become more secure.

Technical Risk Assessments and Trainings

We offer a comprehensive, technical risk analysis of your entire business from the employee level down to your software level. We can examine and report on any number of risks including: employee social engineering, external network vulnerabilities, physical access to office computers, anti-virus, network equipment overview (firewall etc.), disaster recovery, and internal network policies (password policies/user account management).

The assessment is completely tailored to your exact needs, so it could be either an entire risk-assessment or focused on a pre-identified risk or threat.

We can also provide onsite high-level information security training for your whole company. The training covers the basics of computer information security, which is appropriate with any level employee in your company that has access to potentially sensitive corporate data.

This onsite evaluation is perfect for an audit preparation by an outside agency and can help gauge your preparedness.

Questions? Please send us a message using our contact form and we’ll get back to you shortly.