Data Science

Data migration, storage, manipulation, reporting, archiving, automation. No problem.
We specialize in finding the needles in any of your data haystacks.
We can extract, manipulate, summarize, and pattern match data from nearly any electronic format and put it back into nearly any format of your choosing. We can then customize a delivery method that might include a scheduled email, text or even fax with your results.

We can also integrate data from one source into another. For instance, if you need data from an old Access Database or Excel Spreadsheet migrated to a new database, we can easily build data scripts to migrate your data efficiently.

We can help make sense of your existing corporate data, analyze and enhance its value by augmenting it with additional sources. We can customize these data flows to any type of new or existing ERP, CRM, or custom business application system.

Some of our past projects

  • Parsing through gigabytes of raw web log files to find content scraping bots and determine their source.
  • We processed an Access database of public voter records to the customer’s exact requirements. Tens of thousands of records were processed in a matter of seconds, saving the client days of manual effort.
  • We built an automated system for crawling public state court dockets to pull specific records on specific types of offenders. The system was completely automated and data was pulled nightly, consolidated into a spreadsheet and emailed to the client in the morning. This saved hours of tedious web surfing and analysis.
  • We built a system for a client that would login to a site and monitor the site for substitute teaching leads. As soon as a matching lead was found, the system would apply for the job and email the client immediately. This job saved the client hours sitting in front of his computer.
  • Built a web crawler to extract and store every short/long haul freight carrier in the US. Harleysville Data InvestigationThe data was then re-crawled with safety data from the Department of Treasury to create a massive database of freight safety. Another statistical system was built to allow clients to build safety profiles of their companies as compared to other same/similar sized freight carriers. The project, once automated, saved millions of dollars in data analyst and FOIA data costs.
  • Crawled and processed National Weather Service data to create custom weather reports, and emailed/faxed results to customers.
  • Crawlers to cross validate existing delinquent tax lists with current county data, to ensure they are correct. Saved the customers almost a week of time with each new list, thereby allowing the ability to work for more clients.
  • Normalized delinquent tax lists from various disjointed parties to a specialized format that was required for their database. Saves hundreds of man hours, from having the client to go through all of the duplicated entries that were made previously, but the erroneous data.

Some of our clients

  • Delinquent Tax Collection Services
  • Lawyers
  • Marketers
  • Weather Scientists
  • E-Commerce (Amazon Crawling)
  • Government Contractors (New Contract Listings)

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