Below are just a few of the numerous IT services we provide at Silva Tech. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any specific questions or needs.

Website Development

Mobile versions, eCommerce solutions and an agile web team are requirements for most modern companies trying to do business in a very competitive connected world. Silva Tech Solutions LLC can…

WordPress Development

If you have an old, static website and are constantly paying a web developer to make even the simplest change to your website, its time to stop. We specialize in…

Magento Services

Magento General Consulting The Magento experts at Silva Tech Solutions have experience with a significant amount of Magento implementations (good and bad). We have a tremendous amount of experience transitioning.

Research and Development

We understand that your IT department has more important things to do than keep abreast of the latest and greatest servers specifications, cloud based solutions, reputable hosting vendors and security…

Software Engineering

We have over 11 years of experience in developing high performance, highly scalable systems on reasonable budgets. Because of our wide scope of IT knowledge of everything from hardware to…

VC/PE/Investor Technology Due Dilegence Consulting

Most due diligence firms focus on the capital aspects of the potential acquisition or competitive assessment. We focus solely on the technology. With experience in all facets of technology an

Concierge IT Services

With our extensive knowledge of small to medium business infrastructure management and planning, Silva Tech Solutions can offer a complete solution for any of your needs. We are not tied…

Automation Engineering

Automating and Engineering menial tasks to save save time, costs, and greatly improving efficiency in systems.

Office Technology

As computing technology and business office equipment continue to merge, it is often times difficult to keep up with all of those trends. You need to keep focus on growing…

Data Science

Data migration, storage, manipulation, reporting, archiving, automation. No problem. We specialize in finding the needles in any of your data haystacks. We can extract, manipulate, summarize, and pattern match data…

Document QA and Review

Quality Assurance / Administrative Assistance With extensive experience in proofreading and editing, we can offer services to ensure that all of your documents or web content are flawless. Have great.

Cloud Technology

Cloud Computing is currently a very buzz-worthy and “hip” topic, but do you really know what a cloud service entails? We have experience if nearly every facet of cloud information..